Prairie Dog Feeders

The fastest, easiest, most economical way to control prairie dogs! Mounts easily to an ATV and is great for large or small areas. The feeder can hold 30 plus pounds of treated grain and with the push of a button, 2 oz of grain is dispensed into the hole!  One filling of treated grain can efficiently bait 240 holes!  The feeder is easy to operate, quiet and clean!  The feeder is used by weed and pest districts in Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming because of how well it works!!

Video in Action


I have looked at getting a prairie dog feeder for many years and finally purchased one this last year. After using the feeder for the first year, the only regret I have is that I didn’t buy a PDF the first time I saw it. When you figure less man hours applying the bait and also applying the correct amount of bait at each hole (not overfeeding), the PDF more than pays for itself. It took around an hour to get it installed on the 4-wheeler and now we can take it off and on in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend getting a PDF if you are feeding prairie dogs. It’s a time saver on the farm or ranch!
Happy customer - Chad Duncan
This is one of the greatest inventions to control prairie dogs. We now have two of these, one attached to a four-wheeler and one attached to a gator. It is one of the easiest operations; just push the button and the right amount of feed comes out for each prairie dog hole. It really does make controlling prairie dogs in large areas, like our pastures, so much easier and faster! We have never had a problem with anything breaking down, we have had them for over 5 years, and we use them every spring and fall. Definitely would recommend this product.
J. David Hernandez